Green Sturgeon Fishing

Not much is known about the Green Sturgeon, a large species over 200 pounds that inhabits West Coast rivers and bays. Recently, a team of biologists tagged 355 green sturgeon with acoustic transmitters on their spawning grounds and studied their movements.  Results supported delineation of green sturgeon into discrete southern and northern population segments, as no fish from the Rogue or Klamath Rivers ventured into the Sacramento River basin, and vice versa. You can find more information on this at


Lake Champlain Fishing

Biologists at New York Department Of Fish and Wildlife have found that crosses of Northern Pike and Chain Pickerel are increasingly prevalent in Lake Champlain. According to biologists the ratio of Pike to hybrids is about 11:1. Chain Pickerel are native across Vermont while pike are native to Lake Champlain and other waters of the Champlain Valley. Genetic testing indicated that all hybrid samples tested were the result of matings between female chain pickerel and male pike.

Minnesota Muskie Fishing

Muskie fishing represents one of the fastest growing and exciting segments of North American sportfishing. From a biological perspective, we’ve seen the number of Muskie waters grow in recent decades. Even in the heart of Muskie country in Minnesota, many of the hottest fisheries were created by stocking – Lake Mille Lacs, Lake Minnetonka, and Lake Vermilion, to name just a few of the large waters. If you are looking for your best chance to catch large Muskies, Minnesota is the place to go.

Florida Boating License

Currently, Florida law requires anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 to have a Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card while operating a vessel powered by 10 HP or more. By passing an approved boating safety course you will be awarded a Boating Safety Education ID Card issued by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. Valid for life, this card, along with a government issued photo ID, must be in your possession when operating a vessel on Florida Waters. For more information visit Florida-Fishing.US.

Leech Lake Minnesota Fishing

Leech Lake is the third largest lake in Minnesota and continues to consistently produce big Muskies. In the early summer focus on abundant shallow cabbage beds and main-lake rock structures that concentrate fish as the summer sun boosts their metabolism. Favorite baits include the Blue Fox Vibrax Musky Buck spinner with tandem blades and Storm’s Giant FlatStick, both worked quickly to trigger strikes. Click Here to find more Leech Lake Minnesota Fishing information.

Wisconsin River Fishing

The shallow stretch of the Wisconsin River from Merrill to Mosinee, Wisconsin provides one of the most consistent bites for wild river fish. Noisy topwater baits like Whopper Ploppers and locally made Super Slayer Slippery Sam Tandem bucktails produce numbers of large fish. As a bonus the scenery on the Wisconsin River is incredible. River fish are tough and love to jump, and with so many shallow runs, the need for a jet boat means little fishing pressure.

Lake St. Clair Fishing



Perhaps North America’s hottest Muskie fishery is Lake St. Clair in Ontario as it continues to produce more trophy sized catches that anyone thought possible. Captain Tom Carver proved that fish over 50 pounds roam the waters of Lake St. Clair by catching more than a few. Known as a troller’s paradise, big plastics like Bull Dawgs and Bondy Baits jigged in the river channels can also produce big catches.